Investigator Sponsored Studies

Investigator Sponsored Studies are a type of external research where the Sponsor-Investigator independently proposes research. The Investigator or Institution serves as the study Sponsor and assumes responsibility for designing the study, directing the research conduct, including the administration of study drug, ensuring compliance with all local laws and regulatory requirements, and analyzing and communicating any study results.

  • Interventional research may be considered after there is a recommended Phase 2 dose and schedule from GSK’s company sponsored development program

  • Observational research includes epidemiology studies, assessment of current clinical practices, and/or patient reported outcomes

This application process is open to researchers who are interested in conducting their own clinical research. External Investigators can collaborate with R&D experts at GSK to develop clinical trials, and may receive compound and/or funding to support independent research activities.

Visit for a list of external trials with Niraparib, Dostarlimab, or/or TSR-022 here.

For Investigator Sponsored Study proposals for clinical research using GSK compounds that are not Niraparib, Dostarlimab, or TSR-022, please submit here.